Reading comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and...those dreaded Logic Games. We have tricks for them all.


Each LSAT consist of four scored sections: One Logic Games section (25%), Two Logical Reasoning sections (50%), and One Reading Comprehension section (25%), as well as two unscored sections (a writing sample and super-fun “experimental” section.) Three sections are written back-to-back, followed by a break and then the final three.


A word to the wise: never try to guess which section is experimental–do your very best on all sections. Once you see a third RC, or second RC or LG section, you’ll then know that one of these are unscored. Sometimes the testmakers will make the experimental section a bit easier: there's nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get when you've just killed the Logic Games section, only to return from lunch and see another set of games. Cue the music from the "Saw" films...


Logic tells you that you should focus half your preparation time on the Logical Reasoning, as it makes up half of your score. Here's the catch: the standard deviation on students LR scores is relatively tight: the first ten odd questions are relatively easy; those really difficult nuts are placed later on, so don't dawdle!


The important takeaway here is that while LR is structured question by question, the other two sections present four games and four passages, with 5-8 questions each. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff. If a student confuses the author's meaning, he/she can flunk the whole section. The logic games are even more brutal: one simple mistake or misinterpretation with a rule can throw the whole game off, not to mention the writer's composure.


As an aside, I don’t know of any Canadian schools that request the “reading sample” section. In my opinion, there’s really no reason to prepare for this section.

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