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Free Phone Consultation

Nick Banerd handles our complimentary phone consultations.


You're free to ask me anything about our tutoring services, or the LSAT in general.

Most importantly, we'll be able to assess if we're the right 'fit' for you.

I'll also opine on what score we think you should aim for, how many sessions we

think you need (and your budget), plot a rough timetable, and answer any law

school related questions. Be sure to check out

Nick's recounting of his own law school experience in the JD/MBA program at Osgoode.


I'm here to help not only with the LSAT, but love to share our own experiences and dish out the advice I wish I had known!


  • Our number is 647-334-LSAT. Simply leave a text (better) or voicemail with your name and suggest a good time to call you.


  • Consultations usually take 20 minutes to an hour

  • Jot down any questions you might have beforehand...


This is simply an informal chat. There's no obligation, and no pressure.

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Elle Woods OzPrep LSAT Consultation
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