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Nick Banerd handles our complimentary phone consultations.


You're free to ask me anything about our tutoring services, or the LSAT in general.

Most importantly, we'll be able to assess if we're the right 'fit' for you.

I'll also opine on what score we think you should aim for, how many sessions we

think you need (and your budget), plot a rough timetable, and answer any law

school related questions. Be sure to check out

Nick's recounting of his own law school experience in the JD/MBA program at Osgoode.


I'm here to help not only with the LSAT, but love to share our own experiences and dish out the advice I wish I had known!


  • Our number is 647-334-LSAT. Simply leave a text (better) or voicemail with your name and suggest a good time to call you.


  • Consultations usually take 15-20 minutes

  • Jot down any questions you might have beforehand...


This is simply an informal chat. There's no obligation, and no pressure.

Verifiable Testimonials

Fake/forged testimonials are commonplace.    Ours are real.. see for yourself.


These former students permit us to link to their various public profiles (be it a LinkedIn page, a student clubs page, etc.).

Thus, it's plain for all to see that the reviewers are authentic (without infringing on privacy). The words written are their own.

See our here for many more reviews.

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Oct 28

Last 3 writings this cycle:


Jan 13


Nov 25

January 13th is the last writing accepted by most Canadian schools this cycle. Re-writers and the 'last minute' crowd ensure this ultimate writing will be very busy. In fact, last year we were forced turn away a few students due to overwhelming demand.  Clearly, many students will be preparing over the Christmas holidays, including current undergraduates returning to Toronto during the break.

Nick Banerd will be available full-time (evenings, weekends, even Christmas Day) over the Winter Holidays to accommodate this anticipated demand, while other Prep Companies and Tutors will be closed. We implore new students to book their first sessions as soon as possible to guarantee availability.


CALL us 647-334-LSAT                             (5728) 

better yet,


TEXT  us for a faster reply



Please provide a few suitable times to ring.

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