Full-Service Package Options




$95/hr base 

24-Hour Pack

Recommended for students with some LSAT experience

Save $350 

36-Hour Pack

Recommended for students new to the LSAT

Save $550 



  • $200 to $400 in Direct Tuition Savings 


  • 3 New LSAC Preptest Anthologies  (~$125 regular price)

  • Choice of "Essays that Made a Difference"  or "So you Wanna be a Lawyer, Eh?"  ($25 value)

  • Priority in scheduling slots and lessons

  • Free highlighter packs, supplies, handouts & other goodies

Our discount packs provide the instruction, discipline, and all the materials the typical student will need to do well.


We even prepare your regulation Ziplock bag package for test day!  One less thing to stress about!


Terms: You need not commit to either discount pack right away! Take two full lessons to decide


Payment & Receipts: The first bulk payment is collected at the end of lesson #2: below are payment schedules for each . You will instantly be emailed a receipt for your records and for tax purposes -- our students can get 40% of their outlay back from the CRA. Be sure to factor in these substantial discounts when calculating your out of pocket costs! 

The tax benefit combined with our package discounts plus free books and materials reduces a client's real cost substantially! And don't forget, school entrance scholarships are largely determined by your LSAT score.

24 Hour  Payment Schedule

Assumes 2-hour sessions. Take two full sessions before committing to a discount pack

1st Session:

2 hours x $95                                    $190

2nd Session:

Bulk Charge for 6 sessions

12 hours x $95                                      $1140

Discount                                          -$100

6th Session:

Bulk Charge for 5 sessions

10 hours x $95                                       $950

Discount                                           -$100

Total                                  $2080 +tax 

Additional Sessions: All package students will continue to receive a discount in perpetuity should they require additional sessions. They are similarly excluded from any price increases in future.

36 Hour  Payment Schedule

Assumes 2-hour sessions. Take two full sessions before committing to a discount pack

1st Session:

2nd Session:

6th Session:

2 hours x $95                                    $190

Bulk Charge for 6 sessions

12 hours x $95                                      $1140

Discount                                          -$133

Bulk Charge for 6 sessions

12 hours x $95                                      $1140

Discount                                          -$133

12th Session:

Bulk Charge for 5 sessions

10 hours x $95                                        $950

Discount                                          -$133

Total                                  $3020 +tax 

Verifiable Testimonials

Fake/forged testimonials are commonplace.    Ours are real.. see for yourself.


These former students permit us to link to their various public profiles (be it a LinkedIn page, a student clubs page, etc.).

Thus, it's plain for all to see that the reviewers are authentic (without infringing on privacy). The words written are their own.

See our here for many more reviews.

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The LSAT Season begins shortly--start preparing as early as possible. For current undergrad students, this means immediately after April final exams. Our earlier students are given priority in terms of scheduling and pricing.


The LSAT is not an exam you can fudge at the last minute -- to score well, weeks--usually months--of preparation is required. In the past, we have had to turn away students during peak season (summer/fall). The early bird gets the law degree! Call us today.


CALL us 647-334-LSAT                             (5728) 

better yet,


TEXT  us for a faster reply


EMAIL us @ozprep@outlook.com

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