It all comes down to the curve. We'll make sure you land on the right side.



Every LSAT is scored on scale of 120-180. A score of ABOVE 160 (80th percentile) is what we aim to achieve. A sample conversion chart is provided for your reference: the bell curve varies slightly depending on the difficulty of your particular test and the relative scores of your peers.


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There’s a French expression: “le mieux est l’enemie du bien.” This translates to “the best is the enemy of the good. Our focus is realistic: we’re shooting for a HIGH score, not a perfect score. With the LSAT, a near-perfect score is not only unrealistic, but aiming for such can be very detrimental. In the race against the clock, you will be punished for dwelling on any particular question for over 2 minutes.



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Fake/forged testimonials are commonplace.    Ours are real.. see for yourself.


These former students permit us to link to their various public profiles (be it a LinkedIn page, a student clubs page, etc.).

Thus, it's plain for all to see that the reviewers are authentic (without infringing on privacy). The words written are their own.

See our here for many more reviews.

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The LSAT Season begins shortly--start preparing as early as possible. For current undergrad students, this means immediately after April final exams. Our earlier students are given priority in terms of scheduling and pricing.


The LSAT is not an exam you can fudge at the last minute -- to score well, weeks--usually months--of preparation is required. In the past, we have had to turn away students during peak season (summer/fall). The early bird gets the law degree! Call us today.


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