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  • Experienced, approachable, friendly tutors, having scored in the 95th percentile or higher



  • One-on-one virtual sessions focused on leveraging your specific learning style and addressing your particular weaknesses, all at your own pace

  • Colorful diagrams, intuitive flowcharts, and easy methodologies ideal for visual learners -- you won't find these in any book!

  • Comprehensive consulting on school selections, applications, personal statements and endless personal anecdotes

Our students come with different schedules, learning styles, strengths & weaknesses


That's just one reason why the big companies' "one size fits all" approach usually fails


We should know -- half to two thirds of our students went through prep courses before coming to us

"Our unique methods & strategies make the LSAT EASIER, rather than harder, and FUN, not monotonous"

Private tutoring is by far superior to the generic courses offered by Kaplan, Oxford, etc. How do you we know? Most of our students come to us after having completed a prep course!

You'll definitely want to engage an experienced, professional LSAT tutor. Look for at minimum a rudimentary website and a presence on Google, Kijiji or the LSAT Tutoring Network.

The going rate for these 'reputable' outfits is now over $125/hour...expensive, yes, but ultimately much better value than the Bigprep courses.

We see vastly different learning styles, so frankly, no tutor can be "best" for everyone. Personal rapport also plays a major role. This site itself gives you a pretty good idea of how we approach the test, and a brief phone call will give you a sense of Nick's personal and pedagogical style ...

However, we do think we outshine the competition in terms of the following: 

Your Private LSAT Tutor - Study In-Person or Online

Unparalleled Flexibility

  • No late fees,  no cancellation penalties

  • We work around                      your busy schedule, not vis versa

  • Our Calendar app makes scheduling a snap

  • Night Owl? Come at midnight. Early bird? See you then!
  • Since we don't travel, meet at libraries or at offices, we can offer flexibility no one else can!


Location & Atmosphere

  • Steps from Tram & Subway

  • Free parking 24/7

  • A beautiful, tranquil lounge overlooking Forest Hill

  • Stocked with books, supplies, treats & 12 flavor coffee bar!

  • The serenity of a Yoga studio, meets the comfort of the Shrink's office!

  • Unbeatable!

Homemade Methods

  • Nick was never trained by fact, he found much of their methods way over-complicated!

  • We condense those massive texts into 3 concise summaries, just like you will in law school!

  • Forget math equations, most of us are visual learners. Colorful diagrams and memorable analogies  often help you nail those Logic games!

Perfected over 5 years!

OzPrep is a small company that offers up big value. After six years, we've borrowed, tweaked and refined clear, visual, and easy-to-follow methods and strategies that make the LSAT manageable; even enjoyable!


While our tutors are required to have scored a 165, we're far from mensa-genius types -- the kind that drone on in an esoteric monotone. Like our students, we started at the bottom, made every mistake in the book: the exact same ones you'll make! That makes us good teachers.


Benefit from our years of trial and error! You'll be given our very best time-saving tips that cut through the word salad of the test and help you quickly hone in on the correct answer.


We're a company for students, run by recent students, rather than by bureaucrats who haven't sat a real LSAT in decades. We're animated and enthused, but we can be strict if you need us to be. In no time, we'll arm you with all the tools you'll need to succeed.

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Avoid Kaplan, Powerscore prep courses; OzPrep LSAT tutoring works better

The LSAT is a multi million dollar industry. With so many students looking for an edge, they (or their parents) fork out big bucks on prep courses only to see minimal improvement. It's quite easy to see why. Before paying for any prep course--including the premiere Kaplan "summer intensive (a $12,000 LSAT vacation retreat), read this first.

Toronto LSAT Tutor Ozprep makes it easy

We've reformulated our offerings to give students unparalleled value and support. OzPrep's Discount Plans offer a structured yet flexible ticket to your dream score. Innovative methodologies, essential materials, and statistical analysis is paired with a new online portal and our ever-expanding Studio. We are there to advise and assist from day one...until your first day of law school.

High LSAT scorers are rarely good teachers like Ozprep
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Verifiable Testimonials

Fake/forged testimonials are commonplace.    Ours are real.. see for yourself.


These former students permit us to link to their various public profiles (be it a LinkedIn page, a student clubs page, etc.).

Thus, it's plain for all to see that the reviewers are authentic (without infringing on privacy). The words written are their own.

See our here for many more reviews.

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