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In recent years, both LSAC and law schools have been much more amenable to accommodating students with disabilities... 


Over the years, we've tutored many students with minor mental and/or learning disabilities, and discovered the generous accommodations granted by both LSAC to "level the playing field" for these students. LSAC's policy on Accommodation for Students with Disabilities can be accessed here

Examples of recognized disabilities include ADHD/ADD, OCD, panic & anxiety disorders; even visual impairments may be approved. You must complete an application form, as must your doctor outlining your condition. Other documentation may be required. Forms are located here

If you qualify, LSAC may extend your exam time allotment by 25% to 100%! On a timed exam, this makes all the difference. While ten years ago, accommodations were extremely onerous to get, in recent years, LSAC has been increasingly generous provided your documentation is in order.

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Get your Doctor's note and application package done and submitted as early as possible. Be sure to get your paperwork in order to submit to LSAC in advance of your registration deadline.

Click here for tax benefits afforded to student with disabilities.

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