Yes, the LSAT can be brutal. The good news?
It's completely learnable.




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The LSAT is among the most difficult and frustrating exams most students will ever take. One cannot study (in the traditional sense) for the LSAT: unlike history class, regurgitating memorized material won't help you one iota. The secrets to success? Time, practice, but above all, good solid strategies. That's where we come in. We can try to keep you on task and motivated like a kickboxing instructor, but our big value add is our methods, tips, and shortcuts that you won't find anywhere else.  


Inherent in the LSAT is a fundamental tradeoff: that of certainty vs speed. The key to success is to strike a balance between the two. Fifteen sequential correct answers won't get you the score you need if you fudged the last ten in thirty seconds.


You don't have to like the LSAT; few people do (except tutors!). But you have to respect it as an elegant, and brilliant evaluation tool. Go through the dozens of LSATs that have been administered over the years, and try to find a typo, one misspelling, one syntax error. You won't. This is a smart test, but luckily, with the right tools you can outsmart it.


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Our ultimate goal for all students is a score

in the mid 160's. Getting to that point can take a while, depending on whether you're brand new to the LSAT or coming with experience under your belt. Regardless, we find this target to be feasible for most students who put in the sufficient time and effort.

A mid-160's score will likely get you into many/most Canadian schools. It's a reasonable, attainable goal.

Verifiable Testimonials

Fake/forged testimonials are commonplace.    Ours are real.. see for yourself.


These former students permit us to link to their various public profiles (be it a LinkedIn page, a student clubs page, etc.).

Thus, it's plain for all to see that the reviewers are authentic (without infringing on privacy). The words written are their own.

See our here for many more reviews.

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The LSAT Season begins shortly--start preparing as early as possible. For current undergrad students, this means immediately after April final exams. Our earlier students are given priority in terms of scheduling and pricing.


The LSAT is not an exam you can fudge at the last minute -- to score well, weeks--usually months--of preparation is required. In the past, we have had to turn away students during peak season (summer/fall). The early bird gets the law degree! Call us today.


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