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Fees & Payment

Our minimum appointment time is 2 hours.


We also offer 3 hour appointments, giving the student a 15-20 minute meal/socializing break (not timed) halfway through.

Hourly Base for Drop-Ins:  $130/hr

Estimated net billing rate paid out-of-pocket by Discount Plan Students: $67/hr

Unfortunately, we must charge HST on top of these amounts: Ontario HST #835918170

Get with the Plan!  Students enrolled in an OzPrep Discount Plan net of all discounts, free materials, and quantifiable benefits pay approximately half our Base rate.

We don't ask you to commit to our program until you've had two full sessions (4 hours of instruction).

*How did we calculate this figure?

Pay any way


Unlike other tutors and/or prep courses:

  • We do NOT charge penalty fees for lateness

  • We do have a 12-hour cancellation policy, but rarely enforce it

  • We do NOT schedule back-to-back clients with less than a 30 minute buffer period; no one feels rushed

We find that after 90 minutes, most students start yearning for a break. So depending on one's constitution, some students would rather push through and end after two hours, while many need some sustenance and respite--after which a second 90 minutes of study is held.

The break allows the building of rapport between tutor and student, and students tend to use the pause to casually discuss 'lighter' aspects of law school life without the meter running. And we happily oblige!

We accept cash, cheques, Interac e-transfers, and all debit and credit cards. Our tutors have a Square Reader gizmo on their phone -- how snazzy!

Consolidated receipts provided for tax purposes, regardless of payment method.

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