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OzPrep Head LSAT Tutor & FounderNicholas Banerd

Nicholas Banerd

Founder & Head Tutor

Junior Tutor

We're picky about the tutors we hire. While Nick handles most of our students, demand has been so great at certain points that we've needed extra talent. Our plans are, starting in 2021, to greatly expand our business, which involves hiring and training new tutors.

Our tutors are required to have to scored in the 90th percentile or higher. However, we have no interest in chasing down the handful of super-scorers; we've actually found the best teachers are those who worked their way up, made every mistake in the book, and can thus relate to, and better assist students navigate the LSAT's traps and pitfalls.

What's essential is the tutors are approachable, engaging, and encouraging. During your preparation, you're likely to feel stressed, frustrated and at times, inadequate. Yeah, we've been there. When you're down, we're your cheerleader. If you're slacking at bit, we can crack the whip. We have plenty of the essentials: coffee & Kleenex (just kidding).


The LSAT is a dauting, challenging, and at times exhausting experience. But it's also a prestigious right-of-passage for all lawyers. The LSAT is a marvelous teacher of logic, argument, and analysis. From this moment all the way through 1L, you may struggle for the first time in your academic career--it's cold water in the face for all of us used to flawless grade reports. But this will also be an amazing time, where you gain dozens of new analytic tools, where your learning curve becomes exponental. This will be a seminal time in your life--when your brain starts to get strong.

Nick puts it this way: "For my students, I'm their cheerleader as they start to see successes. I'm their comedian when they feel flustered or overwhelmed. And when they're feeling pouty and lethargic, I'll be a foul-mouthed drill sargeant. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's keeping students awake and engaged."

This is why we think we're a great tutoring company: we're different, we eschew the dull, impersonal approach. We work hard, but we also try to entertain, and try transform the LSAT from an exasperating chore into something challenging, but inspiring.  Sometimes we even catch ourselves--dare we say it--having FUN. Now that's something few tutors can claim!

Our Teaching Philosophy

We've worked with students who've taken courses and/or written before, as well as those who are brand new to the test. If this is you, don't worry! We actually prefer "working with a blank canvas;" it can be a challenging to undo "bad habits" some experienced students have picked up. Our goal is to meet the student wherever he/she is in the process, and provide individually-tailored instruction.


Students are free to come as frequently as they like (depending on their tutor's schedule); while we've had other students who only book a few sessions. We work with you at your pace, not the rigid shedules of the big companies.


We truly believe that one-on-one tutoring with a experienced, professional (yet approachable) tutor will yield optimal results. We're friendly, and guess what. We're FUN!  Remember that great prof you once had that made a dry subject come to life? That's our goal, and we think (hope) we've gotten pretty good at it.





The Personal Touch

I once had a math tutor who was top notch, and extremely animated. We were doing logarithms, and when it came to solve the equation, she would fling her arms like a lumberjack and exclaim: "now we cut down all the logs in the forest!" She cleverly used a metaphor in a way that was both understandable, and unforgettable. I ended up acing the exam.


This is the kind of style we follow, because it's fun (for both tutor and student), engaging, and it works.

Another reason I love this job is the friendships I've made with students. Of course, some students may require only a few brush-up sessions, but some have stayed with me for entire exam cycles.

I've been fortunate to meet some absolutely lovely friends this way. On the left is a card written by a student a few years ago; you can tell we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Some of my students become good friends: after a tough session, I took one of my current student to see Ellie Goulding in concert.

Ozprep Testimonial: Dear Nicholas
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